YOUNG Entrepreneurship

Building Innovative Sustainable Businesses

The Summit is a great opportunity for exchange, networking and initiating partnerships!

businessesThe Young Entrepreneurship Summit is the largest gathering of entrepreneurs and the key stakeholders within the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Uganda bringing together more than 1,000 unique minds from innovation hubs, incubators, entrepreneurs and startups who will share their experiences, and examine new trends and insights.The highlight of the Entrepreneurship week is the hosting of the entrepreneurship summit 2023 alongside numerous side events which include the Future entrepreneurship series (FES) and the Women entrepreneurship series (WES)One of the key reasons the Uganda Entrepreneurship Week was founded is to highlight entre-preneurship as a driver of economic growth. Young entrepreneurs are job creators, and through their innovative ideas, they bring about new-and-improved products, services, and technology. All these have a ripple effect on the economy, as it contributes to increased employment, creates more qualified workers for industries, and generates more national wealth.

Why cye 2023

The 2022 Summit aims to rededicate and empower the young people of Uganda to develop a shared narrative to contribute to the economic growth of Uganda.

The program, initiatives and projects of the Summit are focused on creating a Shared Future in a bid to inspire a new entrepreneurship culture, increase the rates of startups, create more jobs and improve the wealth creation rates.