School of Entrepreneurship

We are lobbying for funds to construct an Entrepreneurship School the first of its kind in East Africa.

The $ 500,000O project will be founded on the principle of entrepreneurship, as we know what it takes to start up winning businesses or ventures. It will have warehouses and Innovation incubators for actual research and business idea implementation.
We intend to create our own Ugandan Silicon valley and an environment of major manufacturing activities.

We have learned that transforming an idea into a functioning, profitable business requires expertise and commitment in equal measure. So we give motivated, ambitious self-starters all the knowledge, specialist skills and confidence they need.


We aim to provide guidance and encouragement to the next generation of leaders, in whatever way we can. Presently we run an effective CYE LE-Leadership & Entrepreneurship Program through career workshops across Uganda and school programs and a summit – all focused on entrepreneurship.

CYE Services;

Meaningful and impactful youth business gatherings
Business advisory services
Trainings and Mentorships
Facilitate Public-private partnerships
Lobbying and Advocacy
Up to date business information
Job connections
Managing the CYE Foundation Education Fund
Vocational skills development
Statistical reports
Scholarships & International exchange programs
Arbitration of business disputes among CYE members


Create unlimited business networking opportunities for members nationally and internationally
Push up the business startup rates
Increase the job creation levels
CYE puts focus on advocating for appropriate economic policies and interventions that encourage a favorable business climate
CYE works with its members to enhance their capacity to grow and run efficiently.
CYE promotes strategic cooperation between youth organizations and public authorities
To promote cooperation between youth and education organizations, as well as business and the labour market
To build the capacity for running successful start us and existing businesses
To launch, test, and implement youth work-practices, such as professional
develop ment and informal learning