how we work

CYE is a fully registered company limited by guarantee without share capital, guided by a set of by-laws enshrined in articles and memorandum of association.

CYE is run successfully by an Advisory board of seasoned and experienced business leaders

The chamber enjoys a multi-sectoral membership, with a nationwide outreach.

Our networks regionally, continentally and globally will advance the cause of nurturing a better entrepreneurship culture among young people.


Become part of a larger group of startups professionally working together to influence policymaking processes that encourage and spur growth of private businesses in Uganda. The Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs provides you with an opportunity to contribute and participate in the policy-making process on issues affecting the business environment in Uganda and across the region.


The chamber is setting up to run cycles CYE Entrepreneurship Programmes. Outstanding young Ugandan entrepreneurs who have start-ups or business ideas with the potential to grow are encouraged will be taken up in these programs. Through this business development programme, we provide training, mentoring, funding and network access to catalyze growth in Uganda’s most undervalued resource- its entrepreneurs.

Access to Information and Knowledge Exchange

We provide access to the latest information regarding important business and investment opportunities in Uganda, EAC, SADC region protocols etc. Furthermore, the Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs facilitates interactive study tours to all members to stimulate knowledge building in every business sector.

Capacity Building

Joining the Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs provides a platform where business people can discuss obstacles and opportunities regarding their growth. This platform stimulates the private sector in Uganda to achieve better business results on the short and long term. Be part of the transformation you would like to see in doing business in Uganda.

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Networking and Access to Market Hubs

Benefit from opportunities to network with private sector leaders, stakeholders and senior government officials through various business forums organized both locally and internationally. Moreover, members of the Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs benefit from discounted rates on advertising opportunities and exhibition during local and International events.

fulfilling Ugandan dreams

CYE is nurturing a new growing club of young Ugandan business Elites. These entrepreneurs who pass through our Programme become part of a growing network of business leaders. The alumni network is comprised of all CYE Entrepreneurs and beneficiaries of our Programmes. The online and offline network promotes sector-based and geography-based communities and collaboration across Uganda as a link to the global world.

We are focused on promoting the positive role of entrepreneurship in driving Uganda’s social and economic development. In doing so, we hope to accelerate the spread of economic prosperity and social progress throughout Uganda, strengthening the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Launched in 2017, The Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs is Uganda’s largest philanthropic initiative devoted to nurturing a new entrepreneurship culture among the ever growing youth population and represents our 10-year, $50 million target, to identify and empower 10,000 Ugandan entrepreneurs, create a million jobs, and add $5 billion in revenues to Uganda’s economy.

Education & Scholarship Fund
Annual Young Entrepreneurs Summits
School of Entrepreneurship Land
School of Entrepreneurship Construction
District Business Council Research and business implementations
School Entrepreneurship Programs
Identify, Train and seed Campaign
Production of Fortunes show a CYE business weekly mentorship and inspiration Program
Training & Capacity building Trainings for Existing Companies to drive the competitive edge forward
CYE Business Research Institute